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The real deal in Colombia

Just finishing up our two days of R&R in Cartagena before we head back to the jungle today for our final week of shooting. It has been nice to decompress and take in the sights and sounds of this Caribbean city – and also to let the bug bites heal.

We have been producing and shooting non-stop since we landed in Cartagena on November 11. Before we arrived we both had ideas as to what the production would be like – the monkeys, the jungle, the people – but I don’t think we anticipated the heat and the mosquitoes. Our first day out we both came close to heat stroke filming egrets in the savanna…the next day we proceeded to buy 2 sombreros, 2 umbrellas, and we had a local kid and his donkey haul 5 gallons of drinking water out to where we would be working. The mosquitoes are enough to drive a person insane – you know they are bad when even the palms of your hands are covered with bites at the end of the day!

We are living in a super rural area in between Cartagena and Barranquilla in one of the last remaining vestiges of tropical dry forest – the only habitat in which the Cotton-Top Tamarin can be found. Filming the monkeys has been a super intense experience – but we have great help from the field biologists and researchers Herman, Soto, and Felix who manage to find the monkeys for us each day via radio-tracking.

Keep checking in for more photos and video! Chao!


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