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From the Tropic to the Arctic

It has been less than a week since Feddy and I returned from our Colombian adventure and I think I am finally able to process the experience and share the bag of stories that we brought back.  My stomach has returned to a normal schedule and I have officially eaten all of the foods that I dreamed about from the humble little bug ridden mattress I called home for three weeks.

Arctic temps have descended on Bozeman this week to greet us on our return home- a high of -10 tomorrow.  This is quite the change from the 100 degree heat that we endured to shoot the documentary, “Cotton-Top Titi”, that will debut in April of 2010.  What an experience that was – thank you Feddy for bringing me along to help produce the movie – a great learning experience all around.

It has been really fun showing footage to friends and family since we came home – their smiles and genuine interest are the most gratifying part of this whole process.  I have a new appreciation for the time and patience that natural history filmmakers possess – every shot that comes across the screen is the result of hours of planning and precision, sweat and blood, and a lot of good luck.

Thanks for following the blog and we look forward to hearing from you!

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