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Production Bag – Part 1

As a film student and an independent filmmaker there were a lot of things I had to consider in order put my production bag together.

It is widely believed that the budget of your film make the aesthetics. Even if that is true, there are ways to work around the money constraint and still produce a good looking and well crafted piece.

Lowepro Vertex 300AW Backpack

What I’m going to present in this series of posts may not be the cheapest way to produce a film. However, the cost-benefit relation will pay off and most importantly, you won’t need a 4 people crew to carry a half a dozen Pelican cases full of gear.

The first decision I had to make was: which camera to use? The reasoning was something like this:

– The footage had to be HD (1080P, 24fps) and of great image quality.
– I wanted to be able to shoot slow-motion (60fps).
– I needed long lens and macro-cinematography.
– The camera had to perform well under bright and low light conditions.
– The memory cards couldn’t be extremely expensive.
– I had to be able to put everything inside 1 or 2 carry-on bags.
– It couldn’t be a $6.000 camera…

With all this in mind and, once again, on a tight budget, a few cameras were among the  options and the new Canon 7D matched all of the requirements. The fact that I already had a few Canon lenses that I could use was a big plus, yet, it doesn’t take much to put together a good production kit.

Here is the complete list of my cinematography bag.

– Canon 7D
– Canon lens EF 24-105mm L – Medium range zoom
– Canon lens EF 100-400mm L – Telephoto zoom
– Canon lens EF-S 10-22mm – Wide angle zoom
– Canon lens EF 100mm Macro – Close-up lens
– 77mm B+W Polarizer
– 77mm B+W 0.9 ND Filter (cuts the light by 3 stops)
– 5 Canon LP-E6 batteries
– 2 MicroPro Litepanels
– 5 Sandisk 16GB CF memory cards
– 3 Kingston 133X CF memory cards

With all these production tools the craft of the film was greatly enhanced.


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