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Artemis: Director Viewfinder

IN THE AGE OF DSLR FILMMAKING AND iPhones, CINEMATOGRAPHERS HAVE GREAT TOOLS AT THE TIP OF THEIR HANDS. Artemis, the Director’s Viewfinder, is an iPhone application that allows directors and cinematographers simulate and compare the different angles of view of different lenses. Artemis uses the built-in camera of your iPhone and, from a list of camera formats, aspect ratios and lenses, you can select the configuration you want to simulate.

"Artemis is a digital directors viewfinder for the iPhone".

It is great that Chemical Wedding (the developers) included the Canon 5D Mark II and the 7D. This reinforces the growing trend of  DSLR filmmaking and helps young cinematographers to ‘develop their eye’.

Other formats supported by Artemis are:

  • Standard and Super 16mm
  • Super 16mm Anamorphic
  • Standard and Super 35mm
  • 35mm Anamorphic
  • 65mm
  • 35mm Digital (D-21, RED, F35, Genesis)
  • 2/3 ” Digital (F23, Viper)
  • 1/2″ Digital
  • 1/3″ Digital

Enjoy this iPhone App. and if you find it useful check out Helios, the Sun Calculator

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