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Ikan Monitor in the Field

During the production of the Cotton-Top movie in Colombia I had the chance to use an IKAN monitor V5600 kit. This 5,6″ field monitor was a great tool for principal photography and it became crucial when operating  the “home-made” jib and for macro-cinematography. Exposure wise is not a balanced monitor but to supervise moves and overall camera work is great.

IKAN's V5600 on the 12ft jib (Photo: Danny Schmidt).

These are the most valued features from the IKAN 5600.

  • Compact size and lightweight.
  • Easy and fast installation.
  • Battery and AC powered.
  • Camera shoe mount support.
  • Comes with ready-to-install cables.
  • HDMI mini component.

However, as with any product, things can always be better. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you are using the V5600:

  • It only mounts on a  ¼ 20 screw hole located at the bottom. It would be really helpful to have ¼ 20 screw holes on every side for different mounting options.
  • The monitor works great to achieve critical focus, check the frame and supervise camera motion. However, the brightness of the display is not accurate with that of the “real exposure”.
  • You may want to find a way to protect the 5,6″ screen from scratches, fingerprints, etc. Due to its size it is difficult to find a proper protective transparent adhesive.

Summarizing, I am really satisfied with the V5600 monitor and I would recommend it as a versatile and useful production tool.


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