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Photo of the Day 56 – Seafood Taiwan

***It’s been almost 3 weeks since the last Photo of the Day. I just finished a 2 week scooter trip along Taiwan‘s East Coast and, as it was meant to be, some of the pictures I took throughout this journey will be the meat of the following Photo of the Day posts.***

Seafood Taiwan: an intimate look.

Food is part of a culture and a culture can be understood through its food. Being Taiwan an island, a considerable portion of Taiwanese diet consists of sea products. Almost everywhere I went fish, shrimp, oysters or squid, was available in the menu. However, pork, lamb, beef and chicken are also common. Today, with the overfishing of the oceans, the Japanese pushing whale fishing and the Chinese craving shark fin soup, it appeared to me that something in the Taiwanese seafood culture was worth exploring.

The pictures of this series were taken all around the East Coast of Taiwan.

Seafood Taiwan: an intimate look

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