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Photo of the Day 66 – Seafood Taiwan

Food is an essential part of a culture and a culture can be understood through its food. Being Taiwan an island, a considerable percentage of Taiwanese diet consists of sea products. Almost everywhere fish, shrimp, oysters or squid, is available in the menu. However, pork, lamb, beef and chicken are also common. Today, with the overfishing of the oceans, the Japanese pushing whale fishing and the Chinese craving shark fin soup, it appears that something in Taiwanese seafood culture is worth exploring.

Enjoy the last picture of this photo essay shot in May 2010 all around Taiwan’s East Coast.

A bagged stingray is ready to be taken home by a customer at Nanfang'ao fish market.

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Photo of the Day 65 – Seafood Taiwan

Photo of the Day 64 – Seafood Taiwan

Fresh fish at a local market in Taipei

Photo of the Day 63 – Seafood Taiwan

June 7, 2010 1 comment

Tools from a fish market at Sincheng, Taiwan.

Photo of the Day 62 – Seafood Taiwan

Young sharks are also part of Taiwan's diet. Nanfang'ao fish market.

Photo of the Day 61 – Seafood Taiwan

Fresh caught tuna Sashimi, red wine and cigarettes at Nanfang'ao fish market.

Photo of the Day 60 – Seafood Taiwan

Squid skewers at Jiufen's nightmarket